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Subject[v5 0/4] cgroup-aware OOM killer
This patchset makes the OOM killer cgroup-aware.

- Rebased on top of Michal Hocko's patches, which have changed the
way how OOM victims becoming an access to the memory
reserves. Dropped corresponding part of this patchset
- Separated the oom_kill_process() splitting into a standalone commit
- Added debug output (suggested by David Rientjes)
- Some minor fixes

- Reworked per-cgroup oom_score_adj into oom_priority
(based on ideas by David Rientjes)
- Tasks with oom_score_adj -1000 are never selected if
oom_kill_all_tasks is not set
- Memcg victim selection code is reworked, and
synchronization is based on finding tasks with OOM victim marker,
rather then on global counter
- Debug output is dropped
- Refactored TIF_MEMDIE usage

- Merged commits 1-4 into 6
- Separated oom_score_adj logic and debug output into separate commits
- Fixed swap accounting

- Reworked victim selection based on feedback
from Michal Hocko, Vladimir Davydov and Johannes Weiner
- "Kill all tasks" is now an opt-in option, by default
only one process will be killed
- Added per-cgroup oom_score_adj
- Refined oom score calculations, suggested by Vladimir Davydov
- Converted to a patchset


Roman Gushchin (4):
mm, oom: refactor the oom_kill_process() function
mm, oom: cgroup-aware OOM killer
mm, oom: introduce oom_priority for memory cgroups
mm, oom, docs: describe the cgroup-aware OOM killer

Documentation/cgroup-v2.txt | 62 +++++++++++
include/linux/memcontrol.h | 36 ++++++
include/linux/oom.h | 3 +
mm/memcontrol.c | 259 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
mm/oom_kill.c | 181 +++++++++++++++++++++----------
5 files changed, 484 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)


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