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Subject[RELEASE] LTTng-modules and LTTng-UST 2.10.0 (KeKriek)

Today, we release the 2.10 stable versions of LTTng kernel and user-space
tracers. This release is named "KeKriek", which is a sour mashed
golden wheat ale brewed by the Dunham microbrewery in Quebec.

The new features included are:

- A new "blocking" mode for LTTng-UST (it has been requested for a while).
It blocks application tracing when buffers are full (for "discard mode
tracing") rather than discarding events, until a user-specified timeout
is reached (or indefinitely). It affects only applications launched with
the LTTNG_UST_ALLOW_BLOCKING environment variable set, and channels
configured with the "--blocking-timeout" option. See lttng-ust(3)
for usage information.

This feature is useful if you intend to trace huge amounts of data
from applications (e.g. all memory allocation/free, or detailed
execution of a simulator) in use-cases where it is acceptable to
block the traced application.

- Add support for multiple star-globbing patterns in LTTng-UST and LTTng-modules.
Now events can be enabled with a pattern containing many wildcards, e.g.
'sche*_sw*t*h'. Those can also be used when comparing strings with filter,
lttng enable-event -u myevent --filter 'myfield == "abc*d*e*fg"'

- LTTng modules adds support for kernels 4.10, 4.11, 4.12 (which has been
backported to 2.8 and 2.9 stable branches).

- LTTng modules adds the task CPU in threads state dump, improving precision
of the scheduler model.

- LTTng modules now collects extend socketpair system call tracing data.

For more information on new features introduced in this version,

The 2.10.0 release marks the end of life for the old stable-2.8 branches.
There will be one last stable-2.8 release for both lttng-modules and lttng-ust,
after which they will become unsupported.

Project website:
Download link:


2017-08-01 (World Wide Web Day) LTTng modules 2.10.0
* Fix: Sleeping function called from invalid context
* Fix: sched for v4.11.5-rt1
* Fix: handle missing ftrace header on v4.12

2017-08-01 (World Wide Web Day) lttng-ust 2.10.0
* lttng-ust(3): reword and fix style of `LTTNG_UST_ALLOW_BLOCKING` variable
* lttng-ust(3): specify "If set" instead of "if set to 1" for some variables
* Fix: doc/man: use a single XSL file and match local names
* Fix: Expand the shmobj size for the sequence number

Mathieu Desnoyers
EfficiOS Inc.

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