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SubjectRe: [PATCH] iio: accel: Bugfix to enbale and allow different events to work parallely.
On 2017-08-01 05:08, Harinath Nampally wrote:
>> Thanks for doing that work. I have had it on my list for a long time
>> and you seem to fix it. Although I'd happily review and possibly test
>> it, unfortunately I can't do so before the week of August 21st.
>> If this might go in quick, nothing will stop me from reviewing either,
>> so, whatever. Thanks again!
> Sure no problem, looking forward to your review comments.
> Actually I am planning to add Orientation events for FXLS8471Q, for
> that is it good idea to overload existing
> IIO_ROT channel type? Also thinking of adding 4 channel modifiers i.e
> portrait up/down, landscape left/right.
> Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

My only suggestion for adding all these chips' orientation features, is
to start the discussion independently from this driver. Are there other
device series that provide such an orientation interrupt? Is it worth
finding a representation in iio?

Additionally to portait up/down, landscape left/right there is
back/front facing, so you'd have 8 new channel modifiers.

If IIO_ROT is a current userspace "standard" to read for rotating the
screen, it may be worth discussing how to fit this in without new
modifiers. Would you have to make up fake angle values? Anything else
userspace already uses for getting the orientation?

But again, instead of replying here and going off topic, write up a
proposal and post it independently.

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