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SubjectRe: blk_mq_sched_insert_request: inconsistent {SOFTIRQ-ON-W} -> {IN-SOFTIRQ-W} usage
On 07/28/2017 09:13 AM, Bart Van Assche wrote:
> On Fri, 2017-07-28 at 08:25 -0600, Jens Axboe wrote:
>> On 07/28/2017 12:19 AM, Michael Ellerman wrote:
>>> OK, so the resolution is "fix it in IPR" ?
>> I'll leave that to the SCSI crew. But at least one bug is in IPR, if you
>> look at the call trace:
>> - timer function triggers, runs ipr_reset_timer_done(), which grabs the
>> host lock AND disables interrupts.
>> - further down in the call path, ipr_ioa_bringdown_done() uncondtionally
>> enables interrupts:
>> spin_unlock_irq(ioa_cfg->host->host_lock);
>> scsi_unblock_requests(ioa_cfg->host);
>> spin_lock_irq(ioa_cfg->host->host_lock);
>> And the call to scsi_unblock_requests() is the one that ultimately runs
>> the queue. The IRQ issue aside here, scsi_unblock_requests() could run
>> the queue async, and we could retain the normal sync run otherwise.
>> Can you try the below fix? Should be more palatable than the previous
>> one. Brian, maybe you can take a look at the IRQ issue mentioned above?
>> [ ... ]
> Hello Jens,
> Are there other block drivers that can call blk_mq_start_hw_queues()
> from interrupt context? I'm currently working on converting the skd
> driver (drivers/block/skd_main.c) from a single queue block driver
> into a scsi-mq driver. The skd driver calls blk_start_queue() from
> interrupt context. As we know it is not safe to call
> blk_mq_start_hw_queues() from interrupt context. Can you recommend me
> how I should proceed: should I implement a solution in the skd driver
> or should perhaps the blk-mq core be modified?

Great that you a converting that driver! If there's a need for it, we
could always expose the sync/async need in blk_mq_start_hw_queues().
From a quick look at the driver, it's using start queue very liberally.
Would probably make sense to see which ones of those are actually
needed. For resource management, we've got better interfaces on the
blk-mq side, for instance.

Since this is a conversion, might make sense to not modify
blk_mq_start_hw_queues() and simply provide an alternative
blk_mq_start_hw_queues_async(). That will keep the conversion straight
forward. Then the next step could be to fixup skd, and then we could
drop the _async() variant again, hopefully.

Jens Axboe

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