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SubjectRe: [rcu:rcu/next 4/4] frv-linux-ld: Warning: size of symbol `sys_membarrier' changed from 8 in kernel/sys_ni.o to 44 in kernel/sched/membarrier.o
On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 12:46:40AM +0000, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:

> > This is a new one on me. What do we do to fix it?

Apparently (see below) the answer is, we ignore this.

> I would suspect this might be caused by moving membarrier.c from kernel/
> to kernel/sched/. Perhaps Peter knows ?

<peterz> dhowells: hey, I know you don't care about FRV anymore, but suppose the 0-day thing says things like:
<peterz> >> frv-linux-ld: Warning: size of symbol `sys_setuid' changed from 272 in
<peterz> >> kernel/sys.o to 8 in kernel/sys_ni.o
<peterz> dhowells: do you have any clue wth went wrong?
<dhowells> peterz: it's been saying that for a long time, but I've no idea why
<dhowells> didn't seem to stop it working
<dhowells> I suspect it might not be handing weak symbol elimination correctly or something
<peterz> fair enough, I'll ignore it then

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