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SubjectRe: xattr hash error in 4.13-rc with overlayfs over ext4
Still no luck reproducing the error. I am using the test script below
at v4.13-rc2. Do you mind checking my script to see what I am missing?

set -ex

while grep /dev/sdb /proc/mounts;do umount /dev/sdb; done
mke2fs -F -t ext4 /dev/sdb
mount /dev/sdb /mnt/sdb
cd /mnt/sdb

mkdir xattrhashtest
cd xattrhashtest/
mkdir upper lower work mnt
cd lower/
echo foo > bar
ln bar baz
cd ..
mount -t overlay overlay -olowerdir=lower,upperdir=upper,workdir=work mnt
cd mnt/
echo xxx >> bar

cd /root
umount overlay
umount /dev/sdb

e2fsck -f -n /dev/sdb
echo done

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