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SubjectRe: [PATCH] livepatch: add (un)patch hooks
On 07/20/2017 12:17 AM, Josh Poimboeuf wrote:
> - The pre-patch and pre-unpatch hooks can be run before the
> patching/unpatching process begins.

Hi Josh,

By "(un)patching process" are you referring to the klp_patch at large or
each klp_object? ie, would all klp_objects execute their hooks before
anything is (un)patched? Just trying to clarify.

> - The post-patch and post-unpatch hooks will need to be run from either
> klp_complete_transition() or klp_module_coming/going(), depending on
> whether the to-be-patched module is already loaded or is being
> loaded/unloaded.

You're suggesting that post-(un)patch-hooks:

1 - Notify klp_objects when a KLP_(UN)PATCHED transition completes

and for subsequently loaded klp_objects (ie modules):

2 - On load - notify it with current KLP_(UN)PATCHED state,
Steady state - same as (1) above.


-- Joe

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