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SubjectRe: [RFT 2/2] ASoC: samsung: Add proper error paths to s3c24xx I2S driver
On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 06:51:13PM +0200, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 10:41:35AM +0530, Arvind Yadav wrote:
> > On Thursday 27 July 2017 12:27 AM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:

> > Now s3c2412_i2s.iis_cclk and s3c2412_i2s.iis_pclk are holding "iis" clock.
> > Now no one handling "mpll" clock. If we will call s3c2412_i2s_remove.
> > It's means. we are disabling "iis" clock twice. Which is not correct.

> Right, what a obfuscated code is this... Thanks for pointing this out.
> Also the s3c_i2sv2_probe() misses clk_prepare().

Yeah, I think the root cause here is that the code needs a cleanup so
people can tell what's going on.
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