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SubjectRe: blk_mq_sched_insert_request: inconsistent {SOFTIRQ-ON-W} -> {IN-SOFTIRQ-W} usage
On 07/27/2017 08:47 AM, Bart Van Assche wrote:
> On Thu, 2017-07-27 at 08:02 -0600, Jens Axboe wrote:
>> The bug looks like SCSI running the queue inline from IRQ
>> context, that's not a good idea. Can you confirm the below works for
>> you?
>> diff --git a/drivers/scsi/scsi_lib.c b/drivers/scsi/scsi_lib.c
>> index f6097b89d5d3..78740ebf966c 100644
>> --- a/drivers/scsi/scsi_lib.c
>> +++ b/drivers/scsi/scsi_lib.c
>> @@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ static void scsi_run_queue(struct request_queue *q)
>> scsi_starved_list_run(sdev->host);
>> if (q->mq_ops)
>> - blk_mq_run_hw_queues(q, false);
>> + blk_mq_run_hw_queues(q, true);
>> else
>> blk_run_queue(q);
>> }
> Hello Jens,
> scsi_run_queue() works fine if no scheduler is configured. Additionally, that
> code predates the introduction of blk-mq I/O schedulers. I think it is
> nontrivial for block driver authors to figure out that a queue has to be run
> from process context if a scheduler has been configured that does not support
> to be run from interrupt context.

No it doesn't, you could never run the queue from interrupt context with
async == false. So I don't think that's confusing at all, you should
always be aware of the context.

> How about adding WARN_ON_ONCE(in_interrupt()) to
> blk_mq_start_hw_queue() or replacing the above patch by the following:

No, I hate having dependencies like that, because they always just catch
one of them. Looks like the IPR path that hits this should just offload
to a workqueue or similar, you don't have to make any scsi_run_queue()

Jens Axboe

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