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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next v2 01/10] net: dsa: lan9303: Fixed MDIO interface
> Good. Just one question about process. Could I have posted my work
> as a RFC? To get one round of initial feedback before chopping into
> small patch requests. As well as indicating where I am heading. Or is
> that just waste of human bandwidth?

Depends. Post 100 RFC patches, i won't look at them. Post 21 with a
cover note making it clear you are planning to submit them in blocks
of 7, i might.

But it is best to assume reviewers have small blocks of time. 21
patches take 3 times a long to review as 7. The block of time might
not be enough for 21, so the review gets differed. 7 are more likely
to fit in the available time, so it happens quickly.


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