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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fortify: Use WARN instead of BUG for now
> Maybe we could do two phases? One to s/BUG/WARN/ and the second to
> improve the message?

s/fortify_panic/fortify_overflow/ + use WARN + remove __noreturn makes
sense as one commit. Still think the *option* of __noreturn + BUG should
be kept there even just for measuring the size overhead. !COMPILE_TIME
&& EXPERT if it needs to be for now. If you're fully removing __noreturn
then the entry in tools/objtool/check.c for __noreturn functions also
won't make sense (either way it needs to use the new name).

I think improving error messages should be done a bit differently though
and it'll be easier to not tie these things together.

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