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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm -v2 00/12] mm, THP, swap: Delay splitting THP after swapped out
On Fri, 23 Jun 2017 15:12:51 +0800 "Huang, Ying" <> wrote:

> From: Huang Ying <>
> Hi, Andrew, could you help me to check whether the overall design is
> reasonable?
> Hi, Johannes and Minchan, Thanks a lot for your review to the first
> step of the THP swap optimization! Could you help me to review the
> second step in this patchset?
> Hi, Hugh, Shaohua, Minchan and Rik, could you help me to review the
> swap part of the patchset? Especially [01/12], [02/12], [03/12],
> [04/12], [11/12], and [12/12].
> Hi, Andrea and Kirill, could you help me to review the THP part of the
> patchset? Especially [01/12], [03/12], [07/12], [08/12], [09/12],
> [11/12].
> Hi, Johannes, Michal, could you help me to review the cgroup part of
> the patchset? Especially [08/12], [09/12], and [10/12].
> And for all, Any comment is welcome!

I guess it's time for a resend. Folks, could we please get some more
review&test going here?

> Because the THP swap writing support patch [06/12] needs to be rebased
> on multipage bvec patchset which hasn't been merged yet. The [06/12]
> in this patchset is just a test patch and will be rewritten later.
> The patchset depends on multipage bvec patchset too.

Are these dependency issues any simpler now?

> This is the second step of THP (Transparent Huge Page) swap
> optimization. In the first step, the splitting huge page is delayed
> from almost the first step of swapping out to after allocating the
> swap space for the THP and adding the THP into the swap cache. In the
> second step, the splitting is delayed further to after the swapping
> out finished. The plan is to delay splitting THP step by step,
> finally avoid splitting THP for the THP swapping out and swap out/in
> the THP as a whole.
> In the patchset, more operations for the anonymous THP reclaiming,
> such as TLB flushing, writing the THP to the swap device, removing the
> THP from the swap cache are batched. So that the performance of
> anonymous THP swapping out are improved.

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