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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] mfd: Add support for FTDI FT232H devices
On Wed, 19 Jul 2017 10:59:34 +0200
Johan Hovold wrote:
>> > +static const struct mfd_cell ftdi_cells[] = {
>> > + { .name = "ftdi-cbus-gpio", },
>> > + { .name = "ftdi-mpsse-i2c", },
>> > + { .name = "ftdi-mpsse-spi", },
>> > + { .name = "ftdi-fifo-fpp-mgr", },
>> > +};
>> Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these modes really mutually
>> exclusive, possibly with exception of cbus-gpio (some pins are at least
>> available as GPIOs in MPSSE mode)? Then MFD is not is not the right fit
>> here either.
>You never replied to this, and I'm afraid there are more issue with this

Sorry, unfortunately I'm too busy with other stuff. Will try to find
time to rework.

>> And as David Laight already pointed out, your ftdi-fifo-fpp-mgr driver
>> seems too application specific for a generic chip like this.
>Of which this is one is one of the major.

Thanks all for feedback. I'm still pondering how to interface the
fpga manager driver to FTDI FIFO driver.

>In short, your driver is much to application specific and is probably
>something that needs to be implemented in userspace using libftdi.

I have a requirement to use the fpga manager framework, therefore the
kernel driver is needed. Our usage scenario is a multi stage fpga
configuration process, the first stage is a pre-configuration via
FTDI SPI/FIFO, all subsequent stages are also done by other fpga
manager drivers. libftdi based driver already existed for hardware
bring-up, now I need similar functionality as kernel fpga manager.

>Speaking of libftdi, you seem to have copied or borrowed a lot of code
>and protocol from libftdi and this should have been mentioned in commit
>messages and file headers (not just in a comment to one specific

I'll mention this in next patch series.

>These chips can be used for a many different applications (also in FIFO
>mode) so you cannot tie a driver to it exposing just a specific
>interface for programming a certain class of FPGAs.



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