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SubjectRe: [regression, bisected] 4.11+ imx uarts broken
Hello Mika,

On Tue, May 09, 2017 at 07:18:09AM +0300, Mika Penttilä wrote:
> The following commit e61c38d85b7 makes the uarts on i.MX6 nonfunctional (no data transmitted or received).
> With e61c38d85b7 reverted the uarts work ok.
> -------------------
> commit e61c38d85b7392e033ee03bca46f1d6006156175
> Author: Uwe Kleine-König <>
> Date: Tue Apr 4 11:18:51 2017 +0200
> serial: imx: setup DCEDTE early and ensure DCD and RI irqs to be off
> --------------------

are you operating the UART in DTE or DCE mode? Does this affect all
UARTs or only those that are not used in the bootloader?

Looking at the patch I wonder if setting IMX21_UCR3_RXDMUXSEL |
UCR3_ADNIMP is missing for you.

Can you please check which hunk of e61c38d85b73 is giving you problems?

Best regards

Pengutronix e.K. | Uwe Kleine-König |
Industrial Linux Solutions | |

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