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Subject[GIT PULL] dmaengine updates
Hey Linus,

Here is the dmaengine update for 4.12.

The following changes since commit c1ae3cfa0e89fa1a7ecc4c99031f5e9ae99d9201:

Linux 4.11-rc1 (2017-03-05 12:59:56 -0800)

are available in the git repository at:

git:// tags/dmaengine-4.12-rc1

for you to fetch changes up to be13ec668d043e5313985014d34735ec6ede074a:

Merge branch 'topic/pl330' into for-linus (2017-05-04 16:08:52 +0530)


dmaengine updates for 4.12-rc1

This time again a smaller update consisting of:

- support for TI DA8xx dma controller and updates to the cppi driver
- updates on bunch of drivers like xilinx, pl08x, stm32-dma, mv_xor, ioat,

Akinobu Mita (2):
dmaengine: xilinx: fix device_terminate_all() callback for AXI CDMA
dmaengine: xilinx: avoid memory corruption for device_prep_dma_memcpy()

Alexandre Bailon (9):
dmaengine: cppi41: Remove usbss_mem
dmaengine: cppi41: rename platform variables
dmaengine: cppi41: Move some constants to glue layer
dmaengine: cppi41: init_sched(): Get number of channels from DT
dmaengine: cppi41: Remove isr callback from glue layer
dt/bindings: da8xx-usb: Add binding for the CPPI 4.1 DMA controller
dmaengine: cppi41: Add support of DA8xx to CPPI 4.1
dmaengine: cppi41: Fix teardown warnings
dmaengine: cppi41: Fix an Oops happening in cppi41_dma_probe()

Andy Shevchenko (3):
dmaengine: cppi41: fix cppi41_dma_tx_status() logic
dmaengine: cppi41: use managed functions devm_*()
dmaengine: virt-dma: Convert to use list_for_each_entry_safe()

Colin Ian King (2):
dmaengine: stm32-dma: fix up error dev_err message
dmaengine: mv_xor: remove redundant null check on cd

Geliang Tang (4):
dmaengine: ioat: use setup_timer
dmaengine: dmatest: use offset_in_page() macro
dmaengine: mv_xor: use offset_in_page() macro
dma-debug: use offset_in_page() macro

Jiada Wang (1):
dmaengine: imx-sdma: add 1ms delay to ensure SDMA channel is stopped

Kuninori Morimoto (1):
dmaengine: rcar-dmac: enable descriptor mode on 40bit

Linus Walleij (3):
dmaengine: pl080: Cut some unused defines
dmaengine: pl080: Fix some missing kerneldoc
dmaengine: pl08x: Use the BIT() macro consistently

Lucas Stach (1):
dmaengine: imx-sdma: advertise correct residue granularity

Marc Gonzalez (1):
dmaengine: sun4i: fix invalid argument

Marek Szyprowski (1):
dmaengine: pl330: remove pdata based initialization

Sinan Kaya (2):
dmaengine: qcom_hidma: disable/enable IRQs on pause/resume
dmaengine: qcom_hidma: pause the channel on shutdown

Stefan Roese (2):
dmaengine: dmatest: Select DMA_ENGINE_RAID as its needed for the slave_sg test
dmaengine: dmatest: Add check for supported buffer count (sg_buffers)

Vinod Koul (8):
dmaengine: cppi: fix build error due to bad variable
Merge branch 'topic/cppi' into for-linus
dmaengine: pl08x: fix pl08x_dma_chan_state documentation
dmaengine: pl08x: remove lock documentation
Merge branch 'topic/pl08x' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/qcom' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/xilinx' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/pl330' into for-linus

.../devicetree/bindings/usb/da8xx-usb.txt | 41 ++++-
arch/arm/plat-samsung/devs.c | 1 -
drivers/dma/Kconfig | 7 +-
drivers/dma/amba-pl08x.c | 20 +--
drivers/dma/cppi41.c | 168 ++++++++++++---------
drivers/dma/dmatest.c | 11 +-
drivers/dma/imx-sdma.c | 19 ++-
drivers/dma/ioat/init.c | 4 +-
drivers/dma/mv_xor.c | 9 +-
drivers/dma/pl330.c | 42 +-----
drivers/dma/qcom/hidma.c | 15 ++
drivers/dma/qcom/hidma_ll.c | 6 +
drivers/dma/sh/rcar-dmac.c | 52 ++++---
drivers/dma/stm32-dma.c | 2 +-
drivers/dma/sun4i-dma.c | 2 +-
drivers/dma/virt-dma.c | 11 +-
drivers/dma/xilinx/xilinx_dma.c | 63 ++++----
include/linux/amba/pl080.h | 50 +++---
include/linux/amba/pl330.h | 35 -----
lib/dma-debug.c | 4 +-
20 files changed, 304 insertions(+), 258 deletions(-)
delete mode 100644 include/linux/amba/pl330.h

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