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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] hamradio: Fine-tuning for nine function implementations

You can feel free to continue submitting these changes, even though
people have asked you to back off on this, and that there is little to
no value to this churn.

But I personally am not going to apply any of your changes...

Especially since you keep posting even though people are asking you to
not make these changes.

You can ignore feedback like that, and you are explicitly being
notified that as a result, we can feel free to ignore you _too_.

People who submit kernel changes in the way you do waste a lot of
people's valuable time which could be spent on fixing real bugs,
implementing new important features, adding new documentation to
improve the understanding of the kernel for everyone, etc.

But instead, that time is being invested to reviewing your extremely
low value patches, many of which are undesirable.

I will not stand for it as the networking maintainer and am going to
ignore everything you submit until your approach and attitude towards
kernel patch submission _fundamentally_ (not temporarily, or for one
specific set of patches) changes.

Thank you.

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