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SubjectRe: [PATCH V6 1/9] PM / OPP: Introduce "power-domain-opp" property
On 08-05-17, 14:57, Sudeep Holla wrote:
> Yes, I followed the thread and figured that out. But Rajendra also
> raised "What if the microcontroller firmware maps the performance-index
> to voltage but expects linux to scale the frequency? There is no way to
> specify a performance-index *and* a frequency for a OPP now I guess? So
> this needs to be addressd now IIUC.

No, he misunderstood it. He was saying that the domain needs a performance-index
and the device needs freq-scaling, how do we do that? He thought that there will
be just one OPP table for the device here, but we will actually have two and
that would work.

> So as Kevin pointed out, we need to experiment and look at all
> possibilities before finalizing the bindings. Better to have examples
> for all these and describe how bindings are be used including how to
> distinguish between these use-case from the bindings if it's not implicit.

Yeah, I have some doubts on how we are going to implement that and looking for
more input from him.


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