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SubjectRe: RFC: WMI Enhancements
On Friday 05 May 2017 23:55:46 wrote:
> Unfortunately the MOF data that comes out of wmi-mof is so called
> "Binary MOF" which has been pre-compiled to an intermediate format
> with mofcomp.exe on Windows. The format of binary MOF is not
> documented and the only known way to get text mof back out is by
> using mofcomp.exe with some esoteric arguments.
> mofcomp.exe -MOF:recovered.mof -MFL:ms_409.mof -Amendment:MS_409
> binary_mof_file

Looks like that binary MOF file has "well-known" file extension .bmf.
File itself starts with magic hader "FOMB" which is in reverse BMOF
(binary mof). But I was not able to find any specification nor any other
details. As this binary format is dated back to Win9x I guess data would
compressed by some old MS compression algorithm (CAB?).

Moreover via tool wmiofck.exe it is possible to generate header file for
WMI driver from binary mof file:

wmiofck.exe -hfile.h -m -u file.bmf

And what is interesting that in this file are also comments which looks
like comes from that binary mof file.

When I looked into output from mofcomp.exe with above args, that MOF
output did not contain comments, so looks like we still can miss


Pali Rohár
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