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SubjectRe: [RFC 00/06] printk: add more new kernel pointer filter options.
Hello Greg,

On (05/05/17 21:06), Greg KH wrote:
> Here's a short patch series from Chris Fries and Dave Weinstein that
> implement some new restrictions when printing out kernel pointers, as
> well as the ability to whitelist kernel pointers where needed.
> These patches are based on work from William Roberts, and also is
> inspired by grsecurity's %pP to specifically whitelist a kernel pointer,
> where it is always needed, like the last patch in the series shows, in
> the UIO drivers (UIO requires that you know the address, it's a hardware
> address, nothing wrong with seeing that...)
> I haven't done much to this patch series, only forward porting it from
> an older kernel release (4.4) and a few minor tweaks. It applies
> cleanly on top of 4.11 as well as Linus's current development tree
> (10502 patches into the 4.12-rc1 merge window). I'm posting it now for
> comments if anyone sees anything wrong with this approach

overall, I don't see anything wrong.

> or thinks the things that are being whitelisted should not be?

can't say for sure, sorry.


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