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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/3] nVMX: Implement emulated Page Modification Logging

On 5/11/2017 4:00 AM, Bandan Das wrote:
> Paolo Bonzini <> writes:
> ...
>>> Is the purpose of returning 1 to make upper layer code to inject PML
>>> full VMEXIt to L1 in nested_ept_inject_page_fault?
>> Yes, it triggers a fault
>>>> +
>>>> + gpa = vmcs_read64(GUEST_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS) & ~0xFFFull;
>>>> +
>>>> + page = nested_get_page(vcpu, vmcs12->pml_address);
>>>> + if (!page)
>>>> + return 0;
>>> If PML is enabled in L1, I think nested_get_page should never return a
>>> NULL PML page (unless L1 does something wrong)? Probably better to
>>> return 1 rather than 0, and handle error in nested_ept_inject_page_fault
>>> according to vmcs12->pml_address?
>> This happens if the PML address is invalid (where on real hardware, the
>> write would just be "eaten") or MMIO (where we expect to diverge from
> Yes, that was my motivation. On real hardware, the hypervisor would still
> run except that the PML buffer is corrupt.

Right. Fine to me. :)

> Bandan
>> real hardware behavior).
>>>> +
>>>> + pml_address = kmap(page);
>>>> + pml_address[vmcs12->guest_pml_index--] = gpa;
>>> This gpa is L2 guest's GPA. Do we also need to mark L1's GPA (which is
>>> related to L2 guest's GPA above) in to dirty-log? Or has this already
>>> been done?
>> L1's PML contains L1 host physical addresses, i.e. L0 guest physical
>> addresses. This GPA comes from vmcs02 and hence it is L0's GPA.

Do you mean pml_address? I was talking about gpa got from
vmcs_read64(GUEST_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS). From hardware's point of view, PML
always logs "GPA" into PML buffer so I was saying the gpa from
vmcs_read64(GUEST_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS) should be L2 guest's PA. Anyway this
is not important now. :)

>> L0's HPA is marked by hardware through PML, as usual. If L0 has EPT A/D
>> but not PML, it can still provide emulated PML to L1, but L0's HPA will
>> be marked as dirty via write protection.

Yes this is what I was thinking. For L0 PML takes care of L1
hpyervisor's dirty page, while write protection takes care of dirty page
from L2. No problem.


>> Paolo

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