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SubjectRe: sparse on scripts/kconfig/*.c
I have created some new tools to make this process easier.

1) First you still have to edit the Makefile:

-HOSTCC = gcc
+HOSTCC = ~/progs/smatch/devel/cgcc

2) Build the data with this command:

~/progs/smatch/devel/smatch_scripts/ --target scripts/

The --target scripts/ is because we want to run smatch on the scripts/

3) Run smatch:

~/progs/smatch/devel/smatch_scripts/ --target scripts/

I just wrote this code today so it might be a bit rough perhaps. Let me
know if you have any issues. It doesn't find anything like I said
before, but hopefully this can help other people who want to run Smatch
on user space code.

dan carpenter

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