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Subjectjitterentropy init test failure on ARMv7 with gcc 6.2
Hi Stephan,

Recently I started seeing the following on some of our ARMv7 boards

jitterentropy: Initialization failed with host not compliant with
requirements: 2

and I traced this to the followin init test:

lowdelta = time2 - time;
if (!(lowdelta % 100))
         * Ensure that we have variations in the time stamp below 10
 * for at least 10% of all checks -- on some platforms, the
 * counter increments in multiples of 100, but not always.
if ((TESTLOOPCOUNT/10 * 9) < count_mod)

Digging deeper, I've noticed that the delta between the timestamp is
almost always constant. With the gcc 4.9 it is 102 but with gcc 6.2 it
is 100 and this is the reason the above test fails.

Running a tight loop and measuring the delta in between shows that the
timestamp counter increments with a fairly low value of 7 (it looks
like random_get_entropy() is used and that it is defined to

So the reason is not that the counter increments in multiples of 100,
but that the time to run jent_fold_time() is constant during the
initialization tests. Further analyzing it, it looks like
jent_fold_time() is called with a constant loop count of 1 which would
explain why the delta is constant.

At this point, I am not sure that the test above is correct. Am I
missing something?

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