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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 1/3] KASLR: Parse all memmap entries in cmdline
On Tue, 9 May 2017, Baoquan He wrote:

> In commit:
> f28442497b5c ("x86/boot: Fix KASLR and memmap= collision")
> ... the memmap= option is parsed so that KASLR can avoid those reserved
> regions. It uses cmdline_find_option() to get the value if memmap=
> is specified, however the problem is that cmdline_find_option() can only
> find the last entry if multiple memmap entries are provided. This
> is not correct.
> In this patch, the whole cmdline will be scanned to search each

Can you please finally stop using this 'This patch does foo', 'In this
patch' phrases. They are bogus. We already know that this is a patch
otherwise you wouldn't have sent it.

See Documentation/process/SubmittingPatches.txt

Aside of that can you please use properly written out words instead of
using random abbreviations in the changelog, e.g. command line instead of

> memmap, all of them will be parsed and handled.

A proper example would be:

Address this by checking each command line token for a "memmap=" match
and parse each instance instead of using cmdline_find_option().



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