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Subjectfsl_ifc_nand: are blank pages protected by ECC?

We have some problems with fsl_ifc_nand ... in the old kernels, but
this one does not seem to be fixed in v4.11, either.

UBIFS complains:

UBIFS error (pid 931): ubifs_scan: corrupt empty space at LEB 282:252630
UBIFS error (pid 931): ubifs_scanned_corruption: corruption at LEB 282:252630
UBIFS error (pid 931): ubifs_scanned_corruption: first 1322 bytes from LEB 282:252630
UBIFS error (pid 931): ubifs_scan: LEB 282 scanning failed

Possible explanation is here:

# I see on the forum that this issue has been raised before - my
# understanding is that the omap2 nand driver does not perform ECC
# detection/correction on empty pages so when UBIFS checks the empty
# space data and doesn't read all 0xFF then it fails and mounts
# read-only. I didn't find any good solution - only a workaround to
# remove the UBIFS check..

So I checked fsl_ifc_nand.c in v4.11-rc, and yes, it seems to have the
same problem:

if (errors == 15) {
* Uncorrectable error.
* OK only if the whole page is blank.
* We disable ECCER reporting due to...
* erratum IFC-A002770 -- so report it now if we
* see an uncorrectable error in ECCSTAT.
if (!is_blank(mtd, bufnum))
ctrl->nand_stat |=

is_blank() checks for all 0xff's, so single-bit 0xfe in the data will
result in_blank() == 0 and uncorrectable error being signaled.

Should the driver be modified somehow?


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