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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 17/39] platform: add video-multiplexer subdevice driver

> That self-referencing mux-controls property looks a bit superfluous:
> mux: video-multiplexer {
> mux-controls = <&mux>;
> };
> Other than that, I'm completely fine with splitting the compatible into
> something like video-mux-gpio and video-mux-mmio and reusing the
> mux-gpios property for video-mux-gpio.

Agreed, I overseen that.

> > You should be able to use code in drivers/mux as a library...
> This is a good idea in principle, but this requires some rework of the
> mux subsystem, and that subsystem hasn't even landed yet. For now I'd
> like to focus on getting the DT bindings right.
> I'd honestly prefer to not add this rework as a requirement for the i.MX
> media drivers to get into staging.

Hmm. staging/ normally accepts code with bigger design problems than

(cesky, pictures)
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