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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drm/vc4: Allow using more than 256MB of CMA memory.
Eric Anholt <> writes:

> Until now, we've had to limit Raspberry Pi to 256MB of CMA memory to
> keep from triggering the hardware addressing bug between of the tile
> binner of the tile alloc memory (where the top 4 bits come from the
> tile state data array's address).
> To work around that and allow more memory to be reserved for graphics,
> allocate a single BO to store tile state data arrays and tile
> alloc/overflow memory while the GPU is active, and make sure that that
> one BO doesn't happen to cross a 256MB boundary. With that in place,
> we can allocate textures and shaders anywhere in system memory (still
> contiguous, of course).

Ping for reviewers on this one -- it's a pretty big usability win.
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