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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts: kconfig: implement a sort method
On 04/12/17 09:06, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> Felipe, All,
> On 2017-04-12 10:49 +0300, Felipe Balbi spake thusly:
>> Randy Dunlap <> writes:
>>> On 04/11/17 04:12, Felipe Balbi wrote:
>>>> With a growing amount of Kernel configuration, it's
>>>> getting ever more difficult to find anything on
>>>> menuconfig. Because of that, implement mergesort for
>>>> kconfig to make it a little easier for anybody
>>>> building kernels.
>>> Search works for me, but I don't mind Sort either.


> Arguably, the order may also make sense, for example to "group" related
> items. So, <Sort> should be a toggle, so that it is possible to go back
> to the unsorted, original order, IMHO...
>>> Any Help text for Sort? or is it obvious what it does? (no)
>> wait, it's not obvious what "Sort" means?
> I guess that what Randy said was that in this context, it is not more
> obvious than Load or Save, and they are documented in the help (but it
> is not obvious how to get the help).

Correct. and true (about how to get to the Help text).

> For example, go on the "General setup" entry, but do not enter the menu.
> Now, select Help: you'll get a bit of help on how to use menuconfig.
> There, Load and Save are documented, in Alternate Configuration Files.
>>> In an 80x25 terminal (window), the < Sort > option wraps around
>>> past column 80.
>> not what I see here [1]
> I see the same as Randy here:
> $ stty size
> 25 80

For some reason, Felipe's <Select> starts further to the left than mine
or Yann's does.

>>> I haven't looked at the source code (lately), but I think that it
>>> would OK to not have the (extra) spaces inside the <...> brackets.
>>> I.e., instead of
>>> │ <Select> < Exit > < Help > < Save > < Load > < Sort
>>> >
>>> just have
>>> │ <Select> <Exit> <Help> <Save> <Load> <Sort>
>>> Or the <Select> does not need to be indented as much as it is.
>> I changed that for this very reason

I don't see that. Is that part of the patch missing?

> Or just always left-align the line, rather than center it?



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