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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/6] regulator: anatop-regulator: make regulator-name using optionally
On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 09:38:18PM +0100, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 09:58:46AM +0800, Dong Aisheng wrote:
> > rdesc->name/regulator-name is optional according to standard regulator
> > binding doc. Use it conditionally to avoid a kernel NULL point crash.
> It is optional in the standard binding because it is used to override
> the name statically provided in the driver for the device. Since the
> anatop regulator is completely dynamic (there's no static list of
> regulators in the device) it's mandatory for anatop regulators - you
> should improve the error handling instead to detect a missing name.

Got it. Will change in v2.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Dong Aisheng

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