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SubjectRe: [PATCH] of: change fixup of dma-ranges size to error
Hi Frank,


>>> Can we get back to the basic premise of the proposed patch?
>>> The current code in of_dma_configure() contains a hack that allows the
>>> dma-ranges property to specify a mask instead of a size. The binding
>>> in the specification allows a size and does not allow a mask.
>>> The hack was added to account for one or more dts files that did not
>>> follow the specification. In the mail list discussion of the hack
>>> you said "Also, we need a WARN here so DTs get fixed."
>>> The hack was first present in Linux 4.1. The only in-tree dts that
>>> incorrectly contained a mask instead of a size in dma-ranges was
>>> arch/arm64/boot/dts/amd/amd-seattle-soc.dtsi
>>> That .dtsi was fixed by
>>> commit c91cb9123cdd ("dtb: amd: Fix DMA ranges in device tree")
>>> The fix was present in Linux 4.6, May 15, 2016.
>>> I would like to remove the hack. I think that enough time has
>>> elapsed to allow this change.
>> If we have no cases of what I'm concerned about, then removing it is
>> fine. Is this a dependency for iommu series? Doesn't look like it to
>> me.
> This patch is a replacement for patch 03/12 in the iommu series. I
> think that patch 03/12 of the iommu series could be dropped and my
> patch could be applied independently of the iommu series.
> There is likely a conflict between my patch and patch 06/12 of the
> iommu series because in my patch the first line of the patch chunk
> of drivers/of/device.c includes a line that is changed in 06/12
> of the iommu series. If this is the case then the iommu series
> should take precedence over my patch (and I should subsequently
> fixup my patch).

Ok, for which i just posted a V11 [1] with patch 03/12 from
V10 dropped.



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