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SubjectRe: Audit fixes for v4.11 (#1)
On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 6:23 PM, Linus Torvalds
<> wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 2:39 PM, Paul Moore <> wrote:
>> This code has passed our testsuite without problem and it has held up
>> to my ad-hoc stress tests (arguably better than the existing code),
>> please consider pulling this as fix for the next v4.11-rcX tag.
> Ok, pulled. However, looking at the changes in the patch it becomes
> obvious that it is now completely bogus to inline the
> "audit_signal_info()" function.
> That silly inline in the header file now only generates bigger and
> slower code, since that inlined function now calls another function
> auditd_test_task() that is *not* inlined, so it ends up being a
> function call anyway.

Good catch. I was so worried about the other issues in this patch I
missed this obvious point.

> It would be much better to just unlinline audit_signal_info(), move it
> into kernel/audit.c, and let the compiler then inline the
> __audit_signal_info() helper function (or just fold it into that
> function manually as part of the move).
> The whole reason for that inlined part, and the uninlined
> __audit_signal_info() helper was that the code *used* to be able to
> avoid a function call entirely. That reason is now gone.

Agreed. Normally I would say let's just fix it in audit/next and I'll
send it to you during the next merge window; however, since we're
breaking the whole point of this inline in the -rcX stage, and the
uninline'ing patch would be rather trivial, would you prefer I send it
to you now for v4.11?

paul moore
security @ redhat

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