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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] blk: improve order of bio handling in generic_make_request()
On Fri, Mar 10 2017, Lars Ellenberg wrote:

>> --- a/block/blk-core.c
>> +++ b/block/blk-core.c
>> @@ -1975,7 +1975,14 @@ generic_make_request_checks(struct bio *bio)
>> */
>> blk_qc_t generic_make_request(struct bio *bio)
>> {
>> - struct bio_list bio_list_on_stack;
>> + /*
>> + * bio_list_on_stack[0] contains bios submitted by the current
>> + * make_request_fn.
>> + * bio_list_on_stack[1] contains bios that were submitted before
>> + * the current make_request_fn, but that haven't been processed
>> + * yet.
>> + */
>> + struct bio_list bio_list_on_stack[2];
>> blk_qc_t ret = BLK_QC_T_NONE;
> May I suggest that, if you intend to assign something that is not a
> plain &(struct bio_list), but a &(struct bio_list[2]),
> you change the task member so it is renamed (current->bio_list vs
> current->bio_lists, plural, is what I did last year).
> Or you will break external modules, silently, and horribly (or,
> rather, they won't notice, but break the kernel).
> Examples of such modules would be DRBD, ZFS, quite possibly others.

This is exactly what I didn't in my first draft (bio_list -> bio_lists),
but then I reverted that change because it didn't seem to be worth the
It isn't much noise, sched.h, bcache/btree.c, md/dm-bufio.c, and
md/raid1.c get minor changes.
But as I'm hoping to get rid of all of those uses, renaming before
removing seemed pointless ... though admittedly that is what I did for
bioset_create().... I wondered about that too.

The example you give later:
struct bio_list *tmp = current->bio_list;
current->bio_list = NULL;
current->bio_list = tmp;

won't cause any problem. Whatever lists the parent generic_make_request
is holding onto will be untouched during the submit_bio() call, and will
be exactly as it expects them when this caller returns.

If some out-of-tree code does anything with ->bio_list that makes sense
with the previous code, then it will still make sense with the new
code. However there will be a few bios that it didn't get too look at.
These will all be bios that were submitted by a device further up the
stack (closer to the filesystem), so they *should* be irrelevant.
I could probably come up with some weird behaviour that might have
worked before but now wouldn't quite work the same way. But just fixing
bugs can sometimes affect an out-of-tree driver in a strange way because
it was assuming those bugs.

I hope that I'll soon be able to remove punt_bios_to_rescuer and
flush_current_bio_list, after which current->bio_list can really be
just a list again. I don't think it is worth changing the name for a
transient situation.

But thanks for the review - it encouraged me to think though the
consequences again and I'm now more confident.
I actually now think that change probably wasn't necessary. It is
safer though. It ensures that current functionality isn't removed
without a clear justification.


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