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SubjectRe: af_alg broken in 3.12
On Wed, Feb 01, 2017 at 01:13:05PM +0100, Torsten Duwe wrote:
> Hi Herbert,
> you sent a backport of 6de62f15b581f920ade22d758f4c338311c2f0d4 to be included
> in the 3.12 branch (as b2a0707817d3dec83652bb460a7775613058ae), but this leaves
> af_alg broken for unkeyed hash functions:
> Mainline has meanwhile seen many fixes to this change; can you suggest an elegant
> and crisp backport for these as well?

If Herbert does not have a better idea, I suggest to back out this change and fix
dynamically allocated key structures for the individual algorithms instead, for
the older branches.

Any other suggestions?


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