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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/12] Cqm2: Intel Cache quality monitoring fixes
> > I'm not sure this is a real requirement. It's just an optimization,
> > right? If you can assign policies to threads, you can implicitly set it
> > per CPU through affinity (or the other way around).
> That's difficult when distinct users/systems do monitoring and system
> management. What if the cluster manager decides to change affinity
> for a task after the monitoring service has initiated monitoring a CPU
> in the way you describe?

Why would you want to monitor a CPU if you don't know what it is
running? The results would be meaningless. So you really want
to integrate those two services.

> > The only benefit would be possibly less context switch overhead,
> > but if all the thread (including idle) assigned to a CPU have the
> > same policy it would have the same results.
> I think another of the reasons for the CPU monitoring requirement is
> to monitor interruptions in CPUs running the idle thread. In CAT,

idle threads are just threads, so they could be just exposed
to perf (e.g. combination of pid 0 + cpu filter)

> Also, if perf's like monitoring is supported, it'd allow something like
> perf stat -e LLC-load,LLC-prefetches,intel_cqm/total_bytes -C 2

This would work without a special API.


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