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Subject[PATCH 0/3 v2] PM / docs: linux/pm.h kerneldocs update and conversion of two docs to reST
Hi Jon,

This is a new (and hopefully final) iteration of the series of patches starting
the conversion of power management driver API documentation.

Patch [1/3] updates kerneldoc comments in include/linux/pm.h (to make the
documentation generated out of them look better), patch [2/3] converts
Documentation/power/devices.txt to reST, and patch [3/3] does the same thing
to Documentation/power/notifiers.txt (the new files go into the driver-api subdir
and are hooked up to that manual).

Patch [1/3] has not been changed since the previous iteration. Patch [2/3]
addresses some comments from Lukas and patch [3/3] has been trivially

Please apply unless there are any objections.


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