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SubjectRE: Dell XPS13: MCE (Hardware Error) reported
Hi Paul,

> Mario, there are at least two more firmware bugs [4][5][6]. Having fast
> suspend and resume says something about the quality of a device. If the Dell
> XPS13 9360 is supposed to compete with Apple devices, and Google
> Chromebooks, then this should be improved in my opinion. Do you have a
> suggestion on how to best get this solved? Do you want me to contact the
> support, or are there Dell employees with access to the Linux kernel Bugzilla
> bug tracker?

Thanks for sharing these to my attention. I wasn't aware, and neither was the rest
of the team handling these machines. I've started some internal discussion around
the slow ASL resume one.

The WoWLAN one, I'm not sure there will be much for us to do on the BIOS FW end.
As Kalle was mentioning, this comes down to the device FW needing to spin up. The
easiest way to keep it quick is to leave the radio active, which is what WoWLAN will

The other option is going to be to move over to suspend to idle. This will leave most
devices operational (in RTD3), freeze kernel threads and let the CPU go into a low
enough state. Some of the plumbing that will allow supporting this has recently gone
in, but there are some problems to work through that will prevent letting machines
that support it make it the default until at least the next kernel version.
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