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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] arc: vdk: Disable halt on reset
On 02/01/2017 09:52 AM, Alexey Brodkin wrote:
>> The whole point of adding this to defconfig is to override the default from Kconfig ?
> Not anymore :)
> Since commit c4c9a040ecb7 ("clocksource: import ARC timer driver"),
> see
> we have this:
> ---------------------->8----------------------
> config ISA_ARCV2
> bool "ARC ISA v2"
> select ARC_TIMERS_64BIT
> ---------------------->8----------------------
> which really means if one selects ISA_ARCV2 then ARC_TIMERS_64BIT gets selected automatically
> and there's no way to override it from either menuconfig or defconfig.

Bummer - this means VDK based off 4.9+ kernel might be affected with nsim GFRC issue !

> Probably behavior that you meant was to keep a separate "config ARC_TIMERS_64BIT"
> and have it "default y if ISA_ARCV2".

No, the whole point of moving it out of arch/arc was to increase test coverage etc
so it was not tied to ISA_ARCV2 on purpose so that it would atleast build.

Lets see what Rudd has to say abt this. But GFRC can't be used this would need
fixing after all by introducing an additional ARC_PLAT_CANT_USE_TIMERS_64BIT which
is def_bool set to n, but selected y in VDK Kconfig.


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