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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] gpio: mcp23s08: add pinconf support
On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 5:40 PM, Sebastian Reichel <> wrote:

>> Can we move the patch to drivers/pinctrl/* like all other mixed drivers
>> doing combined pinctrl and GPIO?
> Sure. Two questions:
> * Should the config name change to PINCTRL_MCP23s08 (or PINCTRL_MCP23XXX)?
> This will mean people will have to fix their .config

I never understood what the right way is to deal with this.

What happens actually when you run "make oldconfig"?

Is there a way to supply a replacement Kconfig symbol in a good

Else I guess we can keep a dangling GPIO_MCP23S08 bool
that just selects the new PINCTRL_MCP23XXX for now?
With a comment that it got moved?

(Please verify that it works though...)

> * Should there be a "SPI or I2C GPIO expanders" sub-menu for it as in the
> gpio Kconfig?

Maybe, that would be a separate refactoring thing for later.
I think it is this one and SX150X that use I2C right now.

> I did not convert the custom caching in the regmap patch, since it
> should be done in its own cleanup patch. Introducing basic regmap
> was much more straight forward than removing the open-coded caching.

OK I take it that it will be fixed later then, that's fine.

> I guess the custom platform data based pullup config could also
> be removed. I just checked and there are not many users of the
> platform data:
> linux/arch $ git grep -l mcp23 | grep -v "/dts/"
> blackfin/mach-bf527/boards/tll6527m.c
> blackfin/mach-bf609/boards/ezkit.c
> None of them seems to use the pullups variable.

Just kill it off, good riddance!

As separate patch before/after moving it I guess.

Linus Walleij

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