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Subject[PATCH 0/1] About MIPS/Loongson maintainance
Hi, Linus, Stephen, Greg, Ralf and James,

We are kernel developers from Lemote Inc. and Loongson community. We
have already made some contributions in Linux kernel, but we hope we
can do more works.

Of course Loongson is a sub-arch in MIPS, but linux-mips community is
so inactive (Maybe maintainers are too busy?) that too many patches (
Not only for Loongson, but also for other sub-archs) were delayed for
a long time. So we are seeking a more efficient way to make Loongson
patches be merged in upstream.

Now we have a github organization for collaboration:

We don't want to replace linux-mips, we just want to find a way to co-
operate with linux-mips. So we will still use the maillist and patchwork
of linux-mips, but we hope we can send pull requests from our github to
linux-next and linux-mainline by ourselves (if there is no objections
to our patches from linux-mips community).

If we are doing something wrong, please let us know. Thanks very much!


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