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Subject[RESEND][PATCH 0/3] fs: remove unnecessary i_version handling from various filesystems
From: Jeff Layton <>

Hi Andrew,

I sent these patches to the various fs maintainers prior to the last
merge window, but they didn't get picked up. This is mainly removing
i_version/f_version handling from filesystems that don't implement it
properly, and that don't use it anyway.

This is almost certainly the result of cargo-cult copying from other

Would you be willing to merge these for the v4.16 window?


Jeff Layton (3):
lustre: don't set f_version in ll_readdir
ntfs: remove i_version handling
hpfs: don't bother with the i_version counter or f_version

drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/llite/dir.c | 3 ---
fs/hpfs/dir.c | 1 -
fs/hpfs/dnode.c | 2 --
fs/hpfs/super.c | 1 -
fs/ntfs/inode.c | 9 ---------
fs/ntfs/mft.c | 6 ------
6 files changed, 22 deletions(-)


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