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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next] bnxt: Don't print message, if DAC isn't connected on both ends
On Thu, 7 Dec 2017 01:24:43 -0800
Michael Chan <> wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 1:14 AM, Thomas Bogendoerfer
> <> wrote:
> > well, it will print the forced rate, if there is one configured and -1 otherwise,
> > if the link is lost or will not come up because of a cable problem. I don't see much
> > value in that...
> >
> The main purpose is to tell the user that the speed he selected for a
> port is no longer supported due to an incompatible speed configured on
> the other port. This is useful for the user so that he can either
> take action to change the speed or do nothing as he sees fit.

just out of curiosity what's meant my imcompatible speed on the other port ?
Does the message show up continously like in the problem case I already know ?


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