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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/8] arm64: Add initial Actions Semi S700 and CubieBoard7 support
On 14/11/2017 00:34, Andreas Färber wrote:
> Hello,
> This series prepares the Actions Semi S700 SoC and Cubietech CubieBoard7.
> It boots equally far as the S900 based Bubblegum-96 these patches are based on,
> i.e. into an initrd with serial and all four cores up.
> v2 modifies the clocksource driver patches and adds SPS patches.
> Not having succeeded to replace the bootloader on eMMC or to try
> booting from SD, the only working way I've found to boot mainline kernels
> appears to be booting into Android, then issuing "reboot bootloader". U-Boot
> is lacking the saveenv command, so it wasn't possible to change the bootdelay
> to facilitate this.

Is it possible this change fixes your issue ?;a=commit;h=c9e87ba66540cf72c164674a71af43853d087ba8

> Cf.

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