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SubjectRe: [PATCH RT] vfio-pci: Set MSI/MSI-X ISR to non-threaded
On Thu, 7 Dec 2017 01:27:03 +0000
"Su, David W" <> wrote:

> >And spin_lock() turns into a mutex in PREEMPT_RT, which means it can
> >sleep. You can't sleep in hard interrupt context. This will eventually
> >crash the kernel.
> Steve, thanks for your review and comment.
> I can think of 2 scenarios where there is contention for the eventfd
> context lock.
> One scenario is an eventfd is used to notify a VFIO application of
> 2 or more IRQs. But in this case the application wouldn't be able to
> tell which IRQ occurred and so I think it should be considered a
> programming error of the application and not a proper usage of

Remember, if there is contention, the system will CRASH! Boom, panic,
end of story. Are you blowing this off to just a programming error of
the application? I'm sure lots of root kit developers are excited about

> The other is a device IRQ is configured to be delivered to multiple
> CPU cores at the same time. However, I have never seen such a
> device and cannot think of any good reason for a device to be
> designed this way.
> So, IMHO it is safe to set vfio-pci ISR to non-threaded.

Please tell me that you are not arguing that it's OK to have a sleeping
mutex in a hard threaded IRQ handler because "proper programming will
prevent contention". If that is truly your argument, then I'm done
here, with a perpetual NACK on your patches.

-- Steve

> >
> >And no, we are not going to convert the ctx->wqh.lock into a
> >raw_spin_lock.
> >

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