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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v10 6/7] PCI / PM: Move acpi wakeup code to pci core
* Brian Norris <> [171206 19:36]:
> By the way, it seems pretty ambiguous how we want to handle things like
> (a) multiple devices sharing the same WAKE#
> (b) systems where a slot is swappable
> For (a), the main problem is that if we have to repeat the interrupt
> definition in multiple devices, then we have to deal with something like
> IRQF_SHARED. That can be done, but it makes it much harder to use the
> dedicated wakeirq helpers.

This will get messy, let's not go there :) That is unless the hardware
really has a single interrupt wired to multiple devices. And in that
case almost certainly a custom interrupt handler is needed.



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