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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 04/15] NTB: ntb_pp: Add full multi-port NTB API support

On 05/12/17 12:53 PM, Serge Semin wrote:
> Is it really necessary to have all of this info defined in macro? We don't use
> them anywhere in the source below. I add this change here due to the last Greg
> patch, where he removed DRIVER_LICENSE from the code. He said, that the license
> check tool needs it to be directly defined in the MODULE_LICENSE. The rest of
> macro aren't used by any tool, but still there might be some utility in future
> to collect all the driver authors or descriptions. Still if you think it is
> unnecessary and it's ok to still have the macro left here, I'll get them back
> to the drivers code.

No one's arguing against the actual change, only that it does not belong
in this patch. If you want to make the change send it as it's own patch
with it's own justification and we can discuss it there.


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