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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 01/15] NTB: Rename NTB messaging API methods

On 05/12/17 10:31 AM, Serge Semin wrote:
>>> -static int idt_ntb_msg_read(struct ntb_dev *ntb, int midx, int *pidx, u32 *msg)
>>> +static u32 idt_ntb_msg_read(struct ntb_dev *ntb, int *pidx, int midx)
>>> {
>>> struct idt_ntb_dev *ndev = to_ndev_ntb(ntb);
>>> if (midx < 0 || IDT_MSG_CNT <= midx)
>>> - return -EINVAL;
>>> + return (u32)-1;
>> Please don't do this. If this is an error return standard error
>> number. And why are we casting to an unsigned int now?
> We discussed these changes on the v1 series. Additionally I asked similar
> question sometime ago even before the patchset was introduced.
> This patch is made to provide the Message interface similar to the Scratchpad
> one. I didn't introduce anything new or unjustified. As you can see the
> spad_read/peer_spad_read methods return u32 type too. As well as the
> Intel/AMD callbacks. The functions are intentionally made to return FFs
> in case if some of the passed arguments get out from the allowed limits.
> In such circumstances the return value emulates a situation like if user would
> reference an invalid PCIe MMIO address. Since the 32-bits register can in general
> have any value including -errno ones, then returning an error within the NTB API
> would be incorrect. I remember Allen described it this way.
> Nobody argued about it last time. If you think it's incorrect, then it should be
> changed in both Scratchpad and Message register interfaces.

I agree with Jon to not make this change. The original interface is
better. Making the interface similar to spad_read() has no value
especially seeing it makes it less correct. As you mention, *msg can be
any value (even -1) so this restricts the values possible message values
(making future potential hidden bugs) and removes error information
(making debugging more difficult).

I haven't really looked into it but, if anything, it would make sense to
make the spad_read function more like this one.


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