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SubjectRE: [PATCH v2] drivers:mtd:spi-nor:checkup FSR error bits
Hi, Cyrille

>Hi Bean,
>Le 04/12/2017 à 13:34, Bean Huo (beanhuo) a écrit :
>> For Micron spi nor device, when erase/program operation fails,
>> especially the failure results from intending to modify protected
>> space, spi-nor upper layers still get the return which shows the
>> operation succeeds. This is because current spi_nor_fsr_ready() only
>> uses FSR bit.7 (flag status register) to check device whether ready.
>> This patch fixs this issue by checking relevant error
>> bits in FSR.
>> The FSR is a powerful tool to investigate the staus of
>> device, checking information regarding what is actually doing the
>> memory and detecting possible error conditions.
>> Signed-off-by: beanhuo <>
>Acked-by: Cyrille Pitchen <>
>No need to resend, I'll fix these tiny issues myself :)


// Bean Huo
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