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SubjectRe: [PATCH 04/10] ASoC: fsl_ssi: Refine all comments
On 12/4/17 2:46 PM, Nicolin Chen wrote:
> This patch refines the comments by:
> 1) Removing all out-of-date comments
> 2) Removing all not-so-useful comments
> 3) Unifying the styles of all comments
> 4) Simplifying over-descriptive comments
> 5) Adding comments to improve code readablity
> 6) Moving all register related comments to fsl_ssi.h
> 7) Adding comments to all register and field defines
> Even after adding dozens of lines in fsl_ssi.h, this patch reduces
> 100 lines totally.

I'll review the other patches later, but I'm not keen on your removal of
some of the comments in this patch. I don't see why line count is so
important, and you're removing some informative text. I can see
removing trivial comments and outdated ones, but "no-so-useful" and
"over-descriptive" are subjective.

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