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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Revert "x86/apic: Remove init_bsp_APIC()"
Hi Ville,

>> So, the true thing I want to get is the log without the revert.
>> or could you tell me the phenomenon and reason of your machine hang
>> directly. :-)
> IIRC the last thing in the log is the "Hierarchical SRCU implementation."
> line, after which the CPU seems to start spinning somewhere (the fan turns
> on pretty quickly). Where exactly it spins, I don't know at this time.

Yes, I see. Sometimes, positioning the source of a problem is difficult.

Seems initcalls have been executed, we can add "initcall_debug" option
in the kernel command line for tracing initcalls as they are executed.

So, we can make this patch more reasonable.


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