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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] zram: better utilization of zram swap space

On (12/29/17 16:26), Minchan Kim wrote:
> > Gopi Sai Teja, please discuss with Sergey about patch credit.
> Hi Gopi Sai Teja,
> Now I read previous thread at v1 carefully, I found Sergey already
> sent a patch long time ago which is almost same one I suggested.
> And he told he will send a patch soon so I want to wait his patch.
> We are approaching rc6 now so it's not urgent.

Thanks, Minchan.

Sorry for the noise and confusion. I was going to send it out some
time ago, but got interrupted.

> Sergey, sorry for missing your patch at that time.
> Could you resend your patch when you have a time? Please think
> over better name of the function "zs_get_huge_class_size_watermark"

sure, will take a look.



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