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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Jailhouse 0.8 released
We are happy to announce a new version of the partitioning hypervisor
Jailhouse. As we skipped the Autumn release, this one has a larger
change list with 178 commits (225 files changed, 7814 insertions, 3307

- New targets:
- Marvell ESPRESSOBin
- emtrion emCON-RZ/G1E and emCON-RZ/G1M
- QEMU ARM64 virtual machine
- Cross-arch changes:
- dual-licensed inmate library (GPLv2 or 2-clause BSD), for reuse in
whatever guest code you like
- relocatable inmates, defaulting to start address 0, also on x86
- optional timeout for hypervisor-guest protocol used via
Communication Region
- ARM / ARM64:
- support for GICv3 on ARM64, along with a number of fixes for this
GIC model
- fix for stuck target after jailhouse shutdown due to lost IRQs
- runtime choice of GIC version (v2 or v3)
- x86:
- ignore invalid IOAPIC accesses to simplify guest support, enabling
limited usage in non-root Linux cells
- proper reset of IOAPIC pins on cell startup and destruction
- support for PAE addressing mode in guests
- extended set of supported MMIO instructions
- pass pre-calibrated TSC and APIC frequencies to inmates, picking the
values up from the root cell or the system configuration
- enhanced and versioned setup interface to non-root Linux cells
- prevent denial-of-service attacks via debug port 0x80

You can download the new release from

then follow the for first steps on recommended evaluation
platforms and check the tutorial session from ELC-E 2016 [1][2]. Drop us
a note on the mailing list if you run into trouble.

There were and are also a number of activities outside of the main
repository. Most noteworthy are ongoing work to add x86 non-root cell
support into upstream Linux [3], the official integration of Jailhouse
support into the Zephyr RTOS [4], and first Yocto recipes for the Banana
Pi ARM target [5].

Thanks to all the contributors, to the core as well as these
supplementary efforts!

Happy new year,


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